With a subscription you get a weekly email with your choices of:

  • First dibs on fresh produce straight from the garden.

  • All produce is chemical free.

  • All baked goods are made from high-quality ingredients

  • Pet treats

  • Lotion bars

How the Subscription Service Works
  • RIGHT NOW, until MARCH-it is a pay as you order service.  You get an email with an order form every Sunday night.  Return it by Wednesday (or text me your order), and we will arrange delivery/connection to meet your schedule.  

  • Beginning in MARCH, it is a pre-paid shopping opportunity.  You pay me $60.00 prior to the beginning of the month and you have the entire month in which to spend it.  Join for 1 month or 6!

  • What can you get for your hard earned money?  I email a full list of available items every Sunday night.  The list ALWAYS includes baked goods (3 or 4 varieties); homemade pet treats; a wonderful roasted nut mix I make weekly; lotion bars and FRESH VEGETABLES AND FRUITS as well as unique items.

  • You may spend the $60 at any time during the month ($15 weekly, $30 a couple of times during the month or even 1 big order of $60).  You order from the weekly list and pick up on Saturday at the Danville Farmer’s Market (or I can deliver locally for a $2.00 fee). 

Franklin's Farm Blooms and Heirlooms Subscription Service Weekly Email Offers